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Our Services

Product Development

From market research to design, prototyping, testing and launching, Caliber builds products and experiences that hold and grow our partners’ portfolio, reputation for personalized service and best in class performance.


Caliber provides consulting for consumer lending regulatory compliance, as well as enterprise-level compliance. This includes employee training and data protection, backed by sophisticated cybersecurity and physical controls to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to critical systems, financial and consumer data and to monitor service outages.


Caliber's fintech solutions (which include providing third-party payment processing services for financial institutions engaged in customer lending) are backed by a state-of-the-art, fully hardened, fully redundant and fully secure environment. We operate global-level standards in hardware, software and staffing and provide systems design and architecture that is optimized for speed, scalability, security and flexibility.


Our in-house customer marketing programs are used to acquire and retain customers through a blend of digital (web, email, mobile app, online portal) and offline marketing channels (direct mail).

Customer Engagement

We provide the most streamlined experience for customers backed by an in-house omni-channel strategy for customer interactions (voice, sms, mobile app, web, email, chat, direct mail).

Analytics & Decision Making

Caliber deploys leading edge analytics and decisioning systems, leveraging a mix of third-party data, internally developed scorecards and proprietary customer data to deliver upper quadrant performance in acquisition, underwriting, servicing and recovery.

Our Vision


We have the passion and the willingness to never stop trying, building and innovating for our partners and their customers.


No two businesses are alike, so our service offerings and mindset must always be flexible enough to navigate our partners' needs fast.


We lead with sincere enthusiasm and treat our people and partners with respect and support. Always ready to give credit where it’s due and take accountability for our decisions. Never wavering when it comes to integrity.


From the way we treat our partners to the technology behind the services we provide for them, personalized experience is our status quo.


By providing end-to-end financial services for our partners, we aim to play a key part in their growth and expanded revenue streams.


Ever relevant. Never stagnant. We expect and find opportunities to continuously grow our services and our partnerships.


To cultivate a brand known for a genuine appreciation for our partners and their customers with a refreshing level of transparency, top level performance and personalized solutions.

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