Servicing The Future of Fintech

About CaliberCaliber Financial Services, Inc. is a tribally-chartered corporation and wholly owned by the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians. Caliber provides professional portfolio management services to lenders including the Tribe’s consumer lending portfolios. Revenues from Caliber go to support social programs critical to the Tribe’s members such as elder care, educational scholarships, after-school programs, public safety, and improvements to housing and infrastructure.

Our Values

Value Centricity

We put value at the center of our business. We believe its our responsibility to design and build innovative, relevant and timely products for our partners.


We believe it’s our job to have our partners’ back to mitigate risk and deliver on their unique business goals.


We create an environment where unlikely ideas and new directions are welcomed. We promote collaboration across the organization that fosters a culture of productivity, personal connection and innovation.

Our Vision


We have the passion and the willingness to never stop trying, building and innovating for our partners and their customers.


No two businesses are alike, so our service offerings and mindset must always be flexible enough to navigate our partners' needs fast.


We lead with sincere enthusiasm and treat our people and partners with respect and support. Always ready to give credit where it’s due and take accountability for our decisions. Never wavering when it comes to integrity.


From the way we treat our partners to the technology behind the services we provide for them, personalized experience is our status quo.


By providing end-to-end financial services for our partners, we aim to play a key part in their growth and expanded revenue streams.


Ever relevant. Never stagnant. We expect and find opportunities to continuously grow our services and our partnerships.


To cultivate a brand known for a genuine appreciation for our partners and their customers with a refreshing level of transparency, top level performance and personalized solutions.